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Sell to Us

To find out how to sell your items at Dixons, please watch our Video Guide on the right hand side of the page or simply read below...

1. Check condition
Please ensure the items for sale are in good condition (ie. no scratches or water damage etc). We do not buy items without original artwork, but we are able to replace exterior CD/DVD cases if damaged.

2. What we buy
We buy CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, LPs and 12”s across all categories. We selectively buy CD singles, 45s, cassettes, posters, music books and collectables.

We also buy Vintage Hi-Fi: including turntables, amplifiers speakers CD players.

We do not buy the following vinyl records:

- Classical

- Easy Listening and 78s

Definitely NO laser discs, magazines or X-RATED MATERIAL of any description.

3. Do you have ID?
You are required by Victorian law to provide Photo ID when selling to us. Please check the list on the right-hand side of this page and make sure you bring ONE of the listed combinations of ID when you come to Dixons. No other combinations or kinds of identification will be accepted. If you do not have ID, you may ask a relative or a friend who does to sell on your behalf, providing they are willing to come to the store and take legal responsibility for the sale.

How does the buying process work? >>

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  • •  Current Victorian
  •     Drivers Licence
  • •   Out-of-state Drivers Licence
  • +   Medicare Card
  • +   Bill with a Victorian address
  • •   Current Passport
  • +   Medicare Card
  • +   Bill with a Victorian address
  • •   University ID Card
  • +   Medicare Card
  • +   Bill with a Victorian address
  • •   Keypass Card
  • +   Medicare Card
  • +   Bill with a Victorian address